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Hunting Insurance

Hunting is a dangerous sport. There are many risks and hazards of hunting. As a property owner willing to lease land, it is important that you be protected from all accidents that could happen on your property during a hunt.

IIC is proud of the specialty program we have helped to create, which covers Texas landowners for the risks associated with commercial hunting operations.

This program was badly-needed for several reasons. First, farm and ranch owner’s policies may or may not even cover the exposure of allowing hunting, or may do so with an unreasonably high premium. And even if a claim is made on a farm and ranch owner's policy regarding hunting, it is a safe bet that the policy will be non-renewed at its expiration. Finally, general liability policies that include commercial hunting exposure insurance are usually priced in a way that makes them difficult to justify.

We have created a program to remove all doubt about coverage and protect your operations at a reasonable cost.

Commercial hunting entails greater liabilities than simply allowing hunting; private hunting liabilities are typically covered under a farm and ranch owner's policy, and even some coverage is typical even for small commercial operations.

But depending on the scope and nature of the hunting operation, a landowner may or may not be covered under his farm and ranch owner’s policy. If the income from the operation is determined to be more than incidental, your coverage may be inadequate or non-existent.

Even income over $2000 may change the status of the hunting operation from a personal to commercial hunting operation. Many insurance companies will not even write a policy for a commercial hunting operation, and those that will often charge a hefty premium for the coverage.

As an official sponsor of the Texas Wildlife Association, IIC has been able to develop a program to save association members as much as possible on their hunting liability insurance premium while ensuring that they are covered.

One difficulty has been that many insurance companies misunderstand the Texas Farm and Ranch operations and are terrified of the liabilities associated with commercial hunting. We have searched far and wide across the insurance markets and partnered with a major insurance company, Western World Insurance Co. Because we know the real risks associated with commercial hunting operations, we are convinced that we can generate enough premiums to offer strong coverage at a reasonable price.

Our specifically-designed program addresses the liability of the land owner. Since this policy is designed to cover hunting lease liability, your other insurance need not be involved in a hunting-related claim, and the policy includes high levels of coverage for both bodily injury and property damage.

The requirements for this policy are simple. First, the applicant must be an active member of the Texas Wildlife Association. There must be a written lease, and the lease must contain a hold harmless agreement in favor of the lessor. Finally, a one-page application must be submitted. The paperwork for this is as simple as filling out and returning this PDF document:


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